We ask the right questions. You could live to 100 years old, but the question is can you afford to?


Not the cheeriest question to ask yourself over a glass of wine but prudent nonetheless. Its this level of clarity that we seek to uncover when we review your finances.

By working in partnership with you, it’s our goal to provide you with peace of mind that you can achieve the retirement lifestyle you have always hoped for. Whether that be for passing onto your children or simply enough to maintain your current lifestyle, we aim to create a unique plan that will give you the freedom to live your life happier and provide assurances that you can do what you want, when you want within the plan.

In reality, you may have a range of assets, investments and a high level of income but no idea what financial future awaits you. Using our cashflow planning software, we can not only work out how much you currently have in your ‘pot,’ but forecast what this will look like in your tomorrow.

After all life is not a rehearsal. Let DAM take care of your tomorrow.



Our initial meetings are shaped to not only understand your finances, but your lifestyle, hopes and plans for the future. We will then take this into account along with other factors such as your assets, investments and state pensions to provide an accurate snapshot of your wealth at retirement. Next, we will design a bespoke investment plan to protect and build your wealth, providing the investment growth required to meet your future goals. At your regular forward planning meetings with us, will not only review your circumstances, but also take into account the current performance of your investments. It’s our goal to ensure you stay on track to meet your ‘number’ and future financial goals.

This is one of the questions we get asked most. And rightfully so. Telling our clients they have the freedom to retire when they want, is truly one of the greatest perks of the job. Using our cash flow planning software, we can calculate how much more you must save into your 'bucket' to ensure you have enough at retirement. Working alongside you, we can then decide the best course of action for you, whether this be through increasing pension contributions over the next few years, altering investments with the aim of achieving higher returns, or limiting your expenses.

One of the key features of our cash flow planning software is the ability to carry out a range of ‘What-if scenarios.’ For example, taking into account an extra trip, car purchase, passing money onto family, or simply calculating the effect of your children’s university costs on your savings. By exploring the effects of a range of different scenarios on your wealth, we can provide you with a much more accurate overview of how your financial future may look and provide you with assurances you can afford to take those leaps you may otherwise regret. You may be pleasantly surprised with all of those bucket list trips you can take after all.


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