As the name suggests, these are people who haven’t yet got enough money to last the rest of their life, UNLESS they start accumulating wealth - an issue that can normally be solved more easily than you may think.

David and Ellen are both 42 and plan to retire at 55. Their daughter is due to move out by the time they turn 45, which would allow them 10 years to accumulate as much wealth as possible, prior to retirement. 

After analysing their financial lifestyle plan, we found that David and Ellen’s current plan to retire at 55 would see them running out of money by age 78. However, through identifying the total shortfall, and amount of wealth that would be required by 55 to mitigate this, we were able to design a unique investment strategy, with the aim of providing the growth required to bridge this gap, and ensure they can enjoy retirement, without the fear of running out.

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