Some people have enough but don't know it because they have no idea how much money is actually in their bucket

Neil and Sam are currently in their mid-50s, working 60 to 70 hours a week. With work taking over their lives, they are are keen to retire as early as possible, but expect they will have to work until 65 to build up enough savings and investments for their future - a pretty exhausting thought.

Carrying out financial lifestyle planning, we found that Neil and Sam already have enough money to retire immediately - and still be able to afford their regular trips abroad, a new car and a milestone family event.

Without the pressure of feeling like they have to work for the sake of their retirement income, they are now much more relaxed about their future, under the assumption that when the 60 to 70 hour weeks get too much, they can in fact retire, escape from working life and live an enjoyable retirement. 

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