12 Jul

Practice the Pause Pt.1

There's no denying that we are in the midst of an exceptional time, not only in our lives but in history. For each and every one of us, our lives have been disrupted in some significant way. As we now look forward and begin to build a new "normal" - whatever that may be - there is no denying that this time can spark a range of emotions.

Having been previously thrust into a lifestyle of home working, home schooling and generally only spending time with those in the same household as us, the idea of now interacting with the wider society - returning to work, school and potentially experiencing some sort of social life - can spark feelings of both excitement and anxiety for us all.

However, as absolutely painful and challenging these past few months have been, it does provide a unique opportunity in our adult lives to actually sit back and assess the state of our lives - to examine what parts of "normal" are actually worth getting back to, as well as evaluate the aspects of our lockdown lives that we would like to retain going forward.

Join DAM as we practice the pause, and reflect on our lockdown highs and lows, as well as explore the different ways we can manage our mind, money and priorities as we begin to enter into this next stage of post-lockdown life.

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