19 Dec

Merry Christmas from the whole DAM team

Christmas is not only a time for eating and drinking, relaxing with family and friends and sitting by the fire, but it’s also a time for reflecting back on the past year – to take stock of the year past and plan for the year ahead. So, whilst this may be a particularly hectic week for many of you – whether in work or your personal life, we hope you can take 5 minutes out to sit back with a coffee in hand and join us in looking back over our past year as a company.

  1. Expanding and restructuring our team.
    As you may already be aware, our company has continued to expand over the past year to allow our staff the opportunity to take on even more specialised roles. As well as welcoming three new members to the team; Cathy McCall, Rachel Miller, and Pamela Dunn, I took on the new role as ‘CEO & Founder’ whilst Lorraine Kellie, previous Operations director took on the role of Managing Director. We were also fortunate enough to welcome Lesley McLean to the senior management team as Client Services Manager. Having already established their new roles and progressed into their new positions seamlessly, this has confirmed what a lot of clients have said for years – it really is the women who run the place around here!

  2. Solidifying our DAM Wealth brand
    Another major part of our success story this year has centred around our DAM Wealth Management brand. Designed specifically to help clients plan for their retirement – and ensure they have the money set aside to achieve the things they want, when they want – our new brand is one that has continued to move from strength to strength as we set our clients up for an enjoyable and stress-free retirement. In particular, I’ve found this new branch of our business to be a particularly enjoyable part of my work over the past year as I’ve been able to provide our clients – many of whom I have developed close friendships with over the years – with the assurance that they won’t run out of money at retirement, a major relief for many. Instead, we've had the joy of being able to begin planning for the retirement lifestyle they have always desired such as trips around the World, or setting money aside for family weddings.

  3. Developing our relationships with our clients, old and new.

    As I’m sure this may be of no surprise to a lot of you, here at DAM, we love nothing more than meeting old friends and new ones alike. Particularly as a result of our involvement within the hospitality industry, the past year has saw us attend a plethora of fantastic events where we had the chance to eat, drink and share a laugh or two with friends. From the HIT industry dinner event with our Apex friends to the more recent G&T lunch hosted by Angela Vickers, our year has been filled with fascinating and truly unique events.


So, as we close of yet another successful year, we pause to wish you all a warm and happy holiday season! We are deeply greatful and thankful for your continuous support throughout the past year, and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship with you in 2019.

Thank you for your confidence and loyalty and let the holidays be sweet for you and your families.

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