Our yesterdays.

We formed DAM Wealth Management in 2017 to meet the demands of our satisfied DAM corporate clients who wanted personal investment advice, specifically on how best to take care of their private assets, their future, their families and retirement when the time came.

Created as an offshoot of DAM Employee Benefits, the Private Wealth Management offering has delivered positive results for a significant number of individuals over the last five years and will continue to enhance the value of client’s investments.

Our tomorrows.

We have bold ambitions for DAM Wealth Management as we build the brand and add to our impressive list of clients. Looking after investments is a full-on task that demands we keep our eye on the ball 24/7.

On the premise that no two private clients want exactly the same thing and each and every one them has differing circumstances, we formed teams and strategies designed to uncover the traits, characteristics and attitude to risk of each individual. This allows us to better pin-point the right financial plan for each individual.

As we continue to expand the DAM Wealth Management brand, our clients will remain the bedrock of our growth. Moving forward we will endeavour to develop bespoke holistic planning strategies and investment approaches that complement each and every one of our clients’ goals and aspirations. Taking DAM good care of your tomorrow is our challenge today.

Our future is bright, we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 


Our partnerships.

As well as making sure we establish strong relationships and a solid foundation with our clients, we also like to make sure we do the same within the wider community. Remaining informed and up-to-date with best practices and industry insights, ensures we can deliver our DAM good service to all our clients.


Our Partnerships

What do we value?

When dealing with client finances, trust and reliability are paramount. From day one we will aim to take care of your tomorrow with openness and honesty.

Our products and our people represent truth, honesty and a genuine will to succeed for our clients.

 The ability to evaluate fresh ideas and strategies in context with our client’s goals and ambitions.

We place value in getting the job done, delivering results and ensuring our clients feel valued.

Encouraging originality and imagination from every person in the business. Ideas can originate from the most unusual places.

Each client brief is a target to be attained and managed. We have the determination and resolution to face each challenge.

…and our clients’ success.