We take care of tomorrow
 for every valued client.

We work with an incredible range of individuals to deliver our exemplary range of wealth management services... and we've retained (and grown) our client base over the past 6 years.

We could go on at length telling you how customer centric we are but we'd rather you got it direct from our clients. Here are a few of our glowing testimonials. We're so proud.

With more and more talk of us living well into our 90s, I was concerned my money wouldn't last the lifestyle I've grown accustomed to. Having David and Russell carry out cash flow planning for my family has helped to ensure my funds are all well invested to not only last us through retirement but allow us to make the most of it. They even took into account my plans for a trip to Japan for the Rugby World Cup. Knowing DAM are there to look after my funds and meet with me regularly to accommodate any lifestyle or investment changes has helped to ease my stress and set me up for an enjoyable retirement.

Kevin Greenwood, Private client

The solid management and stewardship of my personal financial affairs over the last 17 years by DAM has enabled me to meet a key life goal of retiring early, enabling me to enjoy the third pace of my life at my own pace.

Sean Wheeler, Private client

Being in a high stress job, I've always been keen to retire in a few years' time at the age of 60 yet feared my money wouldn't last me and my family throughout retirement. Carrying out cash flow planning with the team at DAM helped to assure me that my funds will not only last, but that I also have enough to help my two daughters out at important milestones in their lives for example, their weddings and first homes.

Gary Miller, Private Client

During my first meeting with DAM, I was pleasantly surprised at how much they wanted to find out about me - my life, my family and my aspirations for retirement. In doing so they not only helped to maximise my savings but also ensure myself and my partner can afford the lifestyle we want at retirement, making the most of our golden years together.

Pat Sinclair, Private Client

The financial expertise that Alex and the team at DAM have provided us over recent years has been invaluable. The financial projection given within the cash flow planning provided us with the assurance to make informed decisions, such as making a desired career change. Their ongoing advice has given us peace of mind as we move towards retirement.

Neil & Clare Muir, Private Clients

We’ve been retired for several years and despite the troubles of the last few years, DAM make us feel cared for and that our savings are in good hands. They are constantly reviewing our portfolios, as well as our wider financial plan which helps to provide us with comfort that we can afford our current lifestyle.  As part of their wider picture, DAM also look after and manage our ISAs, helping to combine our full financial plan. It is a pleasure to deal and speak with people in a world that the only communication is by email.

David & Dena Manson, Private Clients

With the help of the team at DAM and the use of the Voyant financial planning software, we have successfully been able to plan and forecast for our retirement, obtaining comfort and re-assurance that we will have sufficient funds to meet our needs.

Jeremy Wall, Private Client

DAM takes a hands-on approach in advising me on my investment and pension affairs. I appreciate our regular meetings in order to assess portfolio performance. I particularly value their cash flow planning and IHT advice, prompting me to be more aware of my regular spending, monies needed for milestone events and other big item spends. I would recommend their services.

Robert Webb, Private Client