Our practical approach to formulating long term wealth protection strategies ensure you can keep your financial plans on track.

Our regular forward planning meetings are designed to ensure you can keep your financial plans on track - even if the unpredictable presents itself. Reviewing your needs and llifestyle as well as the progress of existing products and investments, we will work with you to re-evaluate your plan and make any necessary changes should your circumstances change.

Trusts and Estate Planning

Estate Planning is all about making sure your wishes are followed and minimising the amount of taxes due on your estate after you die. Putting your savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important part.

When you set up a trust you will choose a trustee and also one or more beneficiary who will receive the assets at a time specified by you. Setting up a trust can ensure that your estate is passed to the right people at the right time and may be able to reduce inheritance tax.

There are many different types of trust and and we may involve your solicitor or accountant for input when formulating a strategy that meets all your wishes.

Shareholder and Key Person Protection

Many business owners are so busy running their organisation that they often forget to put in place funDAMental arrangements that will protect the value of their business in the event of a key person being diagnosed with a serious illness or if they should die. Taking out an insurance policy effectively insures the business against financial loss by providing a lump sum payment. This could be invaluable in helping the business recover by replacing lost profit and finding and hiring a replacement.

Shareholder or Partner protection is another important consideration for business owners, which would provide funds for the remaining directors to buy out the shares of a person who has died, thereby allowing the remaining directors to remain in control of the business. A life assurance policy can be arranged to provide funds on death or critical illness cover arranged to provide a lump sum in the event of diagnosis of a serious illness.

Both of these covers can very effectively protect the value in a business that has been built up over many years.

Individual Arrangements

The idea behind protection is simple - we know things go wrong so we want to minimise the impact when they do. Yet many people struggle with this area of their finances, either spending more than they need to or leaving themselves and their families vulnerable.

This is because it's hard to guess the likelihood and the impact of an unwanted event such as an accident or illness, and that makes it difficult to tell if an insurance product is good value for money.

This is where we can help. We will be able to identify your biggest risk areas and, instead of taking out insurance just because it is offered, we will create a protection plan tailored for you. This will focus on your priorities rather than on less critical areas where you might be able to provide your own safety net, e.g.: from savings.

Any unexpected life event can potentially reduce the value of your family wealth and create unnecessary financial pressures. Our role is to identify needs then source the maximum security for you at the minimum cost, allowing you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Wills, Gifts and Exemptions

Everyone should make a will as the effect of dying without one can be devastating on your loved ones. Without one, assets are distributed according to a prescribed set of rules that are unlikely to reflect your intentions and can lead to significant delays as well as paying unnecessary amounts of tax. A well drafted will can address all these issues and be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect changes in circumstances or legislation.

There are also various rules around lifetime gifts to your family which should not be overlooked. This can be an effective way to transfer some of your accumulated wealth to your heirs, whilst reducing the size of your estate.

We understand that there may be circumstances that will result in you having concerns about making gifts. In reality, the most frequently used form of Inheritance Tax Planning is to provide a fund for the anticipated liability by arranging a life assurance in trust.

We will work with your other professional advisers where required to make sure that this crucial and most important of areas is addressed.

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