Ensuring your finances are performing in the most tax efficient way can help you stay on track, even when the unpredictable presents itself.





As part of our holistic financial planning service, we will review your current tax situation and provide effective guidance to ensure you are tax-efficient at each stage of your life.

We can assist with calculating your pension allowance and recommending effective ways to reduce your income tax or advise on withdrawing your pension and investment funds in a tax efficient manner. We pride ourselves in being there to offer support and guidance at every life stage.



As well as recommending suitable options for potentially reducing income tax throughout our your working life, we will also assist with income tax planning when you start to draw down your pension to ensure this is being done in a tax-efficient manner. With the pension flexibilities in 2015 offering so many different options for clients to draw down their pension, this has also unfortunately made the process a lot more complex and it can sometimes seem overwhelming to know the best option. We will work alongside you to offer suitable guidance, and work closely with a specialised tax advisor, should you require any further advice.

Capital gains tax can often be an overlooked element when planning for retirement. Any investment accounts you may have for example, will generally be subject to potential capital gains tax, as well as property sales. Similar to income tax, you will have a capital gains tax allowance that you can utilise each year so we can assist you with this. For example, by carrying out bed and ISA to move funds (within the CGT limit) across to the ISA each year, or minimising potential tax on any larger investment/ property sales.

A relatively complex element of tax planning, Inheritance tax (IHT), is a tax your estate may be liable pay when you die. Whether you have to pay it, and how much you pay, is based on the value of your estate. Estates are essentially the value of all your cash, belongings, and property. There are a range of ways to try to reduce your inheritance tax over time, for example, pension contributions or annual gifting. DAM can work alongside you to develop a suitable plan to reduce this charge. Should any further specialist advice be required, we work alongside Estate planning organisation, Greyfriars, who can assist with will writing, power of attorney and trust planning.

If you are fortunate enough to grow your pension pot over £1.073 million (tax year 2021/22), you may be liable to the pension lifetime allowance charge, meaning that the value of your pension over the lifetime allowance will be subject to an additional tax charge of 25% if the pension is taken as income. As well as assisting you in helping to understand how this charge works, and the implications on your pot, we can work alongside you to suggest a suitable strategy to reduce and manage this over time.


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