Reviewing your current situation today will give us a
better grasp of how we can help your tomorrow.



As an introduction to our private client service, we will offer to carry out a full review of your existing financial situation.

A large part of this will often involve reviewing your existing pension and investment provisions to analyse the charges and investment performance. Following this, we will provide a full recommendation, and overview of your existing provisions. There are usually no charges involved in this stage. This key, but simple part of the process often surprises clients by bringing a bit of clarity.



For the majority of us, we will have accumulated many different workplace pensions over the years. As the first step, we will request information from providers on the range of pension policies and carry out a full review. We can even try to locate any ‘lost’ policies if you are possibly unsure about any existing policies you may have. Following this, we will carry out a review meeting with you, providing information, recommendations and answering any questions on these.

As well as pensions, many individuals have acquired a range of other policies over the years – for example ISAs, investment accounts and bonds. We will request information on these policies and carry out a full review and recommendation for you i.e. to ensure the policies are being held tax-efficiently, or to make any suitable investment changes.


 The next step now is
a logical one.

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