How much money do you need for the rest of your life? We've all dreamt of our golden years of no work and all play, but can you afford to? The fact is the majority of people will have no idea.

Working in partnership with you, it's our goal to provide you with peace of mind that you can achieve the retirement lifestyle you have always desired. Whether that be money for a holiday home, for passing onto your children, or simply enough to maintain your desired lifestyle, we aim to create a unique plan that will give you the freedom to live your life smarter, and provide assurance you can make the most of your golden years of no work and all play.

After all life is not a rehearsal. Let's make sure you get it right.

To make things a bit simpler, we've detailed the process in four main stages below:


            Discuss                             Discover                                      Design                                    Develop

Discuss: Our initial meetings are shaped to not only understand your finances, but your lifestyle, hopes, plans & aspirations for the future. We want to know your story.

Discover: Using reliable forecasting tools we will assess the value of your existing 'bucket' and provide an accurate snapshot of your wealth at retirement, taking into account a range of factors including your assets, investments, and state pension, as well as your current and future outgoings and expenses. 

Design: Designing a bespoke investment plan, it's our goal to protect and build your wealth, providing the investment growth required to meet your future goals. We'll even take into account your attitude to risk and invesment timeframe to ensure you feel comfortable and in control of your own finances at all times.

Develop: At our regular forward planning meetings, we will not only review your circumstances, but also take into account the performance of your existing investments, allowing us to react to market trends and fluctuations. We want to ensure you remain on track to meet your financial goals, even when the unpredictable presents itself.

I have no idea how much I have or need for retirement, can you help?

Firstly, if this is the case, don't worry you're not alone. The majority of us will likely have a range of assets, investments, and high levels of income but no idea what financial future awaits us. Using our cash flow planning software, we can not only work out how much you currently have in your 'bucket', but forecast what this is likely to look like in the future.

By working out your 'number', that is, how much you'll need for retirement to meet your goals and greatest desires, we can discover how far away you are from achieving this, and help plan accordingly.


I'm keen to retire at 55, can I afford to?

This is one of the questions we get asked most. And rightfully so. Telling our clients they have the freedom to retire when they want, is truly one of the greatest perks of the job. Using our cash flow planning software, we can calculate how much more you must save into your 'bucket' to ensure you have enough at retirement. Working alongside you, we can then decide the best course of action for you, whether this be through increasing pension contributions over the next few years, altering investments with the aim of achieving higher returns, or limiting your expenses.

Can I afford to travel, buy a new car, or pass money onto my children?

One of the key features of our cash flow planning software is the ability to carry out a range of ‘What-if scenarios’ for example, taking into account an extra trip, car purchase, passing money onto family, or simply calculating the effect of your childrens university costs on your savings.

Exploring the effects of a range of different scenarios on your wealth, we can provide you with a much more accurate overview of how your financial future may look, and provide you with assurance you can afford to take those leaps you may otherwise regret.

You may be pleasantly surprised with all of those bucket list trips you can take after all.

Am I lifting my money in the most tax-efficient way?

As a result of the Pensions Freedoms introduced in 2015, you now have much greater flexibility surrounding how you lift your pension, which often means that by the time you reach retirement, and are ready to start taking an income from your pension, you may already have both crystallised and uncrystallised retirement pots, as well as a range of other savings/ investments ie ISAs and unit trusts that you have built up over the years. Utilising our cash flow planning software, we can calculate the most tax-efficient means for you to extract your income, providing you with a plan of what investment your income should be taken from, as well as  how much should be taken, to meet your income requirements and negate any hefty tax bills. 

I'm a business owner, can this help me?

Carrying out lifestyle cash flow planning, will allow us to detemine the amount of money required to ensure you can continue to support yourself and your family after you sell the business. Taking into consideration the amount required to support yourself and your familly, as well as how much is rquired to maintain the lifestyle you have become accustomed to, we can calculate how much you would need to sell the business for. It's our goal to provide you with peace of mind that you can take the leap and start enjoying your 'golden years'. 

I'm worried my assets may exceed the IHT threshold, can this help?

For those clients whose total individual value exceeds the £325,000 threshold, and aren't leaving anything above this to a spouse, civil partner or charity, there may be a potential Inheritance Tax charge, which can signficiantly reduce the value of their estate after death. Of, course it is improtant to note at this stage, that this only includes assets that form part of an indivuduals estate on death. Pensions, for example, are held in trust, which means these will not form part of the estate.

With careful consideration and planning, there are also ways to reduce this, if not avoid it completely.

Calculating how much you can afford to spend, as well as how much could be gradually passed on as gifts (in line with IHT regulations), or held in trust for the benefit for another individual on you death, we can work to reduce the value of your estate at death and thus limit any IHT.

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