Working in partnership with FE Analytics - the UK's leading investment ratings and research agency - we offer a complete range of actively managed, risk-rated investment portfolios  designed to meet your unique investment requirements.

Taking into account your goals and aspirations, as well as your attitude to investment risk, we will design a unique investment strategy that will aim to not only protect your wealth, but also provide the investment growth required to meet your future financial goals. 

With each of our portfolios driven by FE’s comprehensive rating system which independently rates a broad selection of top-quality funds, across all asset classes and sectors, it's our goal to optimise investment performance for the level of risk you are prepared to take. FE’s systems go through 17 trillion calculations to pick the optimal mix of funds for each portfolio, to maximise investment performance for the level of risk you are willing to take.

As well as covering 5 risk levels, from cautious through to adventurous, FE are one of the few providers that will also take into account various time horizons for each level of risk, with each one designed to match and cater for your short, medium, or long-term goals. 

As well as our internal governance at DAM, FE’s team of expert fund managers continuously review and scrutinise the portfolios, with each one rebalanced every 6 months to ensure the optimum mixture of funds are consistently being utilised. 

How much risk I should take?

Our in-depth risk questionnaire is designed to provide us with an accurate overview of your attitude to risk, and capacity for loss, allowing us to select an investment strategy that best suits your risk requirements, and investment timeframe - whether that be short, medium or long-term.

Plus, we understand that your attiutude to investment risk is going to change over time. That's why our regular meetings are designed to re-evaluate your attitude to investment risk, and make any necessary changes to your investment strategy to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals.

Isn't it safer to leave my money in cash?

When choosing what to do with your money, it is often tempting to see cash as a safe haven against market volatility. However, with decreasing inflation rates and increasing interest rates eroding its value, an effective investment strategy is required to provide real growth and prepare you for the future. That's why our lowest risk portfolios are designed to provide a more effective alternative to cash. Concentrating on investments that provide low returns in the long term but present no risk to your capital, only a small amount of riskier assets are included in order to increase the chace of obtaining better long-term returns.

What does active management involve?

Our DAM portfolios are actively managed as we work in partership with FE Invest, the UK's leading investment ratings and research agency, who provide investment research and analysis, portfolio construction, due diligence and ongoing monitoring of all of our DAM Portfolios. 

As we believe that the right mix of strategies can deliver a portfolio with greater potential and less risk, our actively managed approach means we can be consistently sure that FE are continiously re-evaluating our portfolios to ensure the optimal selection of funds are being utilised to deliver maximum returns. And what might be the optimal fund mix one year will not necessarily be the next year, which is why our portfolios are rebalanced every 6 months.

This active management also means that our portfolios will consistently remain within their chosen risk level, even in the most volatile of markets. For example, due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, an emergency rebalance took place in January, and a small allocation of funds were diverted to cash to ensure all portfolios remained within their specified risk target.

What type of investment opportunities do you offer?

When it comes to selecting the correct type of investment for our clients, we have no boundaires. Outwith some of the more common type of investment opportunities such as ISAs, pensions, investment accounts and bonds, we will always seek to ensure we are selecting the most suitable type of investment for your  ever-changing needs, such as Venture Capital Trusts and SIPPs. Often the optimal investment strategy for our clients will actually involve a combination of a number of different investment types.

And based on your service level agreement, it's our goal to ensure you are not only maximising you investment allowances each year, abut also optimising investments that offer tax relief for example, pensions, and ISAs. For example, for a number of our clients, who have both ISAs and Investment accounts, we will carry out 'Bed & ISA' at the end of each tax year, to use up their unused ISA allowance, and take advantage of the tax relief offered.  

Why has my investment decreased in value?

We understand that when investing your hard-earned money, you want to continuously check up on it's value to ensure it’s ever-increasing. However, it’s unrealistic to assume that this is always going to be the case. The stock market regularly fluctuates, and is never always going to be on the way up.

When investing in a portfolio over the long-term, it’s important to remember these are specifically designed to provide slow and steady growth over the long-term, investing in funds that won’t particularly provide positive results over the short-term. That's why we will always take into account your investment timeframe - to help ensure that your wealth is opimtised for when you need it most. 

You wouldn’t constantly check on the value of your home, if you didn’t plan to sell it for another 15 years, so try not to do the same when it comes to your investments.

What are the costs involved, and what does the ongoing fee include?

The costs of investing in our DAM portfolios can be split up into three main sections, as detailed below. As independent financial advisors, we are not 'tied' or 'restricted' to any provider, and before making any recommendations, will carry out an analysis of the market, selecting the most suitable provider to meet your individual needs. Whilst this selection will largely be based on finding the provider that offers the best costs for your investments, a number of other factors will also have a role to play.

  1. Platform fee – this is the fee taken directly by the provider. A platform provides flexible access, allowing you much greater choice with regards to how and when you lift your money, particurly when it comes to your pension. 

  2. Fund fee – this is the fee taken for investing in the range of funds. This covers the costs for investment management and operating expenses. However, you will not actually see this charge lifted from your investment pot each month. Instead this will be reflected in the number of units of each fund that are purchased. 

  3. Adviser fee – these are the initial and ongoing fees taken, and will vary depending on the level of service you opt for. For the initial fee, this covers the cost of the research, recommendation and process. For ongoing fees, this covers regular reviews of your investments to ensure they remain on track. This may also cover our lifestyle planning service

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