22 Jan

We've got some pretty DAM exciting news... our team has expanded


Kevin Greenwood has now joined our DAM team, after retiring from his position as Area Director of Finance and Control UK, Ireland, and Western Europe for the Radisson Hotel Group in 2019. Having worked at the hotel company for 21 years, Kevin was responsible for the overall Financial Planning and Control of 72 hotels in the area including statutory reporting, group reporting, tax, legal and asset management for the Radisson Collection, Radisson BLU and Park Inn by Radisson Hotel brands - leased, managed and franchised - as well as being on hand to support hotel owners in any refinancing or restructuring.

With Radisson being a Corporate client of DAM's since 2001, Kevin throughout this time, developed a close relationship with CEO & Founder, Russell Davidson, and even became a private client of DAM in 2018. Taking a vested interest in his own private financial planning, as well as that of the Radisson Hotel Group as a whole, Kevin regularly spent his time outside of work developing an in-depth understanding of the stock market, portfolio management and investment planning.    

As DAM's Business Consultant, Kevin is now working alongside our range of existing and potential clients to establish and develop relationships; making contact with fellow professionals to ensure that the financial planning process is very much at the forefront of their minds, and that they are prepared for their unique financial future.

With his personal experience as a private client of DAM himself, coupled with his expertise in the financial sector (including his time at Radisson Hotel Group and status as a Chartered Certified Accountant), Kevin is in a unique position to offer clients a personal and trusted overview of the valuable financial planning services DAM offer, as well as an accurate understanding of the need for clients to plan ahead and invest in their future.

According to Kevin, "Throughout my time at Radisson Hotel Group, I built up a large number of contacts with fellow professionals, and would now like to ensure that these individuals have an effective financial plan in place. It's my goal to help them become more aware of the need to plan for their financial future, and help them identify the ways in which their needs can be met via DAM's Wealth Management service, with their money invested in diversified portfolios, and rebalanced based on performance.

I am very much looking forward to becoming part of the team and utilising my knowledge and insight to help other individuals utilise the valuable services DAM offer to ensure that they can plan ahead and take more control of their future".

With his personal experience in having DAM provide Radisson's financial benefits for over 15 years, coupled with his expertise in the financial sector (including his time at Radisson Hotel Group and status as a Chartered Certified Accountant),
Merry Christmas from the whole DAM team