22 May

DAM support Calums Cabin

Calum Speirs, a 12-year-old boy from Rothesay, lost his fight for life in 2007 after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Knowing that he and his family lived in such a beautiful part of the world, Calum wanted to create a safe and beautiful place in Bute that children suffering from cancer could come to and make special irreplaceable memoires.

Calums Cabin are holiday homes on the Isle of Bute for children suffering from cancer or a cancer related disease, which helps families with all aspects of their stay, so that they can relax as much as possible and spend quality time together.

Earlier this month, some of the DAM team travelled across to Bute to spend the day volunteering for Calum’s Cabin. With Friday being ‘turnover day’ whereby existing families leave the cabins, so that the homes can get restored and ready for new families to arrive on the Saturday, we spent the day cleaning and organising, alongside the committed staff and volunteers that work for the Charity.

With each one impeccably styled, cleaned and organised to a 5-star standard, it’s very clear just how much Calums Cabin want to provide a sense of comfort, cosiness, and luxury, to the families that stay there each week. And, whilst it’s heart breaking to see such high demand for the service, from the minute you arrive on the island, it’s very clear how much love and support there is for the charity, with a range of staff, volunteers and community members ready to do all that they can to support the families, and children that stay there.

And with scrap books filled with reviews and photographs from previous families, proclaiming their love for Calum’s Cabin, and its ‘home away from home’ feel - with some of the children even declaring it one of the best weeks of their lives - we’re thankful that we got to play a small role in this extraordinary charity, and alreayd look forward to doing more to support Calum's family, and the extraordinary charity they have created.




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