12 Dec

A look back on a DAM great year of events pt.1

As we start to plan ahead for our wealth of events we already have planned for 2020, we thought we would take this time to look back on some of DAM’s most enjoyable and memorable events of 2019. So, take a short break (who even does work this close to Christmas anyway??) and join us in this three-part special, as we recap on our three main event categories from over the past 12 months:

  1. Private client dinners
  2. HRH ‘Eat and Educate event’
  3. Sponsorship events

Private client dinners

Having grown our private client bank rather extensively over the past year, we took it upon ourselves to host Wealth dinners in our three main locations – Glasgow, Manchester and London throughout the year.

Held in some of the most prestigious venues of our Corporate clients, Hotel Du Vin (Glasgow), Malmaison (Manchester) and The Dorchester (London), each dinner allowed us the opportunity to eat great food, drink great wine and share all-encompassing plans for the future with one another, as our guests were encouraged to think forward into their specific plans for retirement. As well as of course relish in the breathtaking decor - from the rustic whisky rooms in Hotel Du Vin through to the penthouse and terrace area at the Dorchester.

From travelling the World to writing books and helping those less fortunate, it was fascinating to look towards the exciting and endless opportunities our clients had for their ‘golden years’. Having worked alongside many of them for over a decade now, a high number are now getting to the point that they have in fact saved up a promising pension pot, and now get to start focusing on the enjoyable part – what to spend it on.

As well as providing an opportunity to showcase our Wealth videos, and develop our relationships with some of our clients, these events were also a great way for our some of our clients to meet one another, as well as learn a bit more about DAM and our plans to work even more closely alongside them to help them plan for retirement on an all-encompassing basis; from helping them plan their financial future and how best to invest, and extract their money, to encouraging them to think about their retirement plans on a wider basis - covering the structure of their lives, their identity and relationships beyond work.


Through having these groups of people all reaching that same point in their journey together at a similar time, these dinner events were a great way for them to dig deep and begin open and honest conversations (of course this had nothing to do with the amount of red wine consumed) about what they actually wanted to do with the rest of their lives. And now that we know, we can work alongside them on an even-more personal basis to make these hopes and dreams a reality.

We thoroughly enjoyed each of our Wealth dinners, and already look forward to continuing these in 2020.

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